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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

White Washed Outdoor Spool Table

We have really lucked out and have had an awesome mild summer this year. A Kansas August with highs in the 80's is something to be enjoyed; usually we are melting away in 100+ degree heat and unbearable humidity. Since the weather has been so pleasant the boys have been spending a lot of time playing outside, which means I have been spending a lot of time outside hanging out.

White Washed Outdoor Spool Table - One Mile Home Style

We moved this spool out front to have a place to set a drink or our phones while we were outside. The problem was that, while it was functional, it just wasn't nice to look at, and not really doing much for making a nice first impression.

Wooden Cable Spool Makeover Before - One Mile Home Style

One evening while the boys were playing yet another game of baseball, I decided to give the entire spool a light white wash with some leftover white paint. I wanted the table to have an overall lighter and cleaner appearance, but still let some of the character of the wood show through.

White Washed Wooden Spool Table After - One Mile Home Style

And I got exactly what I wanted! For a project that took less than 30 minutes, and just a little bit of paint, this spool table got a little pick-me-up and a fresh new finish. I topped it off with a flower pot in my favorite navy blue, and added a couple of smaller flower pots to brighten up the bottom of the table as well.

White Washed Wooden Spool Table - One Mile Home Style

White Washed Wooden Spool Table - One Mile Home Style

 Now I have a beautifully weathered table to sit at and take advantage of our amazing summer weather.
 (Although, I can't wait to decorate this little table for fall!)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Eye Candy 8.24.15

Happy Monday!

I'm back this week with this beautiful and easy entry way from Larissa at the mmmcrafts blog. Arranging a collection of plates on a wall is such a fun way to display a collection, and it's an easy way to bring fun splashes of color to a wall in your home. 

Like the idea, but don't have a collection to work with? Hit up garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets and get your collection started without spending a ton of cash!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back To School Teacher Gift (& Free Printable)

It's definitely back to school season! My boys are back in school, and it seems like everyone else has sent their kids back too, or are getting ready to in the next few days.

I like to treat our boys' teachers throughout the school year with little gifts to show our family's appreciation for all the hard work they do, and this year is no exception.

 *Side note: Please excuse the grainy iPhone pics, I had to snap these quickly on our way out the door to sneak peek night at school to meet the teachers!

I like to start the year out with a gift that will be useful to the teachers in their classrooms. This year it was fun notepads and colorful pens. In years past, we have done thank you notes, post-its, pens, markers, highlighters, etc. (In other words, I love office supplies and like to hoard all of my great finds; sharing it with the teachers helps me rationalize my need to keep my stash well stocked.)

I keep the packaging simple, printing a little card and tying the package up with colorful bakers twine. (Get your Happy New School Year printable here.) This would be just as easy putting everything in a small basket or tin and sticking the signed note inside.

Do you treat your kid's teachers during the school year? What are your favorite gifts to give?
Don't forget to grab your FREE printable!!