Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fall Decor Home Tour

One Mile Home Style Fall Decor Home Tour

I love the fall! It is one of my most favorite times of the year. I don't really do much seasonal decorating in the spring and summer, and fall kind of kicks off the change in decor around our home. (It also kicks off the season of boots, leggings and scarves, but that's not what you are here for. You can see more of that fun if you follow me on Instagram.)

 This year, I decided to go pretty traditional with lots of reds and oranges in my fall decor. (You can see how I decorated last year here and here.) Without further delay, let's get this tour started. You can see above what our porch looks like. We haven't picked out pumpkins yet, but they will eventually go out here too, for now a little fake pumpkin adds some color.

I made this simple wreath with a few leaves I snipped off of larger stem and stuck them to a mirror frame that I had wrapped in white and navy string. I had a hard time getting the "C" to hang straight, so I just attached it with gold wire. I like how it just floats in the middle of the wreath.

Gold Monogram Fall Wreath

Pumpkin on a milk can seat - fall decor

I added a large stem of leaves and flowers to our entryway console. (Here's a tip on the fall greenery: wait until November/December and stock up on the clearance stems for next year. Those suckers are expensive if you don't catch a sale or clearance. I got almost all of mine for 80-90% off at Hobby Lobby last year!)

Entryway fall decor - woven basket and gold pumpkin

Those copper bowls that I shared on Instagram that I picked up at the flea market a few weeks ago are perfect for fall.

Copper bowls filled with yarn balls - fall decor

More bright and fun fall color throughout our living room. Nothing is overly fussy, just simple little groupings spread around our spaces.

Simple red and yellow fall decor

Vintage books and red flowers - fall decor

Simple fall decor with watercolor painting

The jar of marbles adds a colorful touch in the dining area, and the leaves bring out oranges and reds. The copper colander is all bright and shiny and filled to the top with inexpensive fake mini pumpkins and gourds that I spray painted white.

Fall leaves and marbles - simple fall decor

Copper colander and white pumpkins - fall decor

Simple fall decor - leaves, marbles, copper and pumpkins

What is your favorite season?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Inspiring Home Space 9.15.14

The Inspiration:

This space is the perfect example of why you don't need to rush out and buy new, matching furniture when you are updating your space. What was the first thing you noticed? Was it the bright and lively punches of color, or the furniture? If you didn't notice before, none of this furniture is a matching set, yet the space is still pulled together and inviting. It feels more welcoming and not like a stuffy showroom. 

First, start with what you have for furniture. It doesn't have to be the same color or even the same style. If you are looking for something new, don't try to match what you already have, be brave and try out all the options. If you do have a matching furniture set, consider a new slipcover in a different color for one of the pieces, or shop your home for something that is currently living in another room.

Second, pick the main accent color you want to use. This room has a beautiful cranberry red for it's accent color. To pull all the furniture together, pick fabric for your pillows that use this color, and spread them throughout the room. An area rug and throw blanket in that same color pull the space together even more.

Last, but not least, add in just a few small decorative touches in your chosen color, and you are all set. Keep the wall color and curtains neutral and let your accent color steal the show!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Why I Don't Believe in Naming Your Decorating Style

Today I am feeling like a rule breaker (and a rule maker). And, I am taking to take you all along my journey, hopefully you will feel more free when all is said and done.

In the world of home styling and home decor, there is this HUGE drive to find your decorating style and name your decorating style. Once you have figured that out, decorating your home and creating a space that is a reflection of you and your family should be super easy. Only it's not, at least not for me, and I have a feeling I am not the only one out there.

There is so much pressure in the name. Is that really what my style is? What if I don't know what to call my style? What if my style is a little bit of everything? If I name it, then I can't buy anything that doesn't fit that style. 

I'm not going to lie, when are looking at your entire home and trying to decide how you want to decorate it, and make it all go together, it can be overwhelming. Adding in the idea that when you name your style, you should stick to that style and not stray too far, making decorating seem hard and not fun.

I have come up with 5 "Rules" that I use and that keep me focused when I am shopping for home decor. I can use this list as a quick way to decide if something belongs in our space.

  1. Do decide on a color palette for your entire home. Don't get hung up on the number of colors, but try to not list every color in the rainbow. Use these colors as the starting point when shopping for home decor and accessories, if what you are considering is not one of these colors, it better be something amazing that can be used in multiple locations in your home, or it is not an option. Here is the list of colors that I use throughout our entire home: White, Navy Blue, Light Gray, Dark Gray, Spring Green, Tan, Black (accent color), Turquoise (accent color), Golden Yellow (accent color)
  2. Know what you DON'T like. I think this one is the most helpful to me, and most likely will be the most helpful to you. I know that I do not like victorian, delicate, lacy type home decor. I also do not like super modern, minimalist items, although I am fine with a little touch of modern, like the clean lines. 
  3. Pick what you DO like, regardless of trends. Trends are temporary, style is a timeless reflection of you. If you find something trendy that you really love, then go for it and make it your own, but don't purchase something trendy for your home just because everyone else is doing it too.
  4. Don't be afraid to mix and match items that are different styles. This is what is going to make your home a true reflection of you and your family. Everything in your home should not be matchy-matchy, you want it to look like you have created this space over time (ideally, it is still being created over time), not like you walked into the furniture store and bought your entire room. Mix something more modern with something vintage or rustic. Put a trendy chevron pillow on your couch alongside a more traditional floral print. Create a playful mix of artwork and photographs on your walls.
  5. Have Fun! This is the most important one of all. Your home is your space and should look like you live there. Take inspiration from everywhere; blogs, magazines, stores, catalogs, your friends' homes. The key is taking that inspiration and making it reflect you.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Inspiring Home Space 9.8.14

Today's Inspiring Home Space is taking a slightly different route. I am not going to show an inspiration and translation today, instead since the weather is becoming more fall-like, I thought I would just simply share a few pictures of outdoor spaces that I find inspiring.

All of these have elements that I love, and that can be easily translated into your space. Nothing too wild and crazy here, just simple relaxing spaces. (Trust me, there are some crazy outdoor spaces to be seen, but I like to try to stay a little close to reality!)

If any of these spaces could be yours, which would you pick? Let me know in the comments.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Hidden Color Desk - Makeover #2

Kid's desk makeover - furniture refinishing

Well, here I am again with another desk makeover and reveal, you can see the first one here. If you remember from the post about the first desk, this is the second of the two desks that I picked up for $20 total. 

This desk needed a little more TLC. It had been stored in a barn for a while, and some mice thought that a couple of the drawers would make a nice home. It was also pretty rough around the edges and needed some serious wood putty in a few places. (I used this Elmer's Wood Filler, it's awesome because it goes on purple, and turns white when it is ready to be sanded, I highly recommend it.) I spent one entire afternoon cleaning the entire thing with bleach water, filling the bad spots and sanding. Then it got super hot out and I had to wait a few days to prime, bummer.

Here are the before pictures:
Desk Drawers Before Primer and Paint

Kid's desk before

Kid's desk before

So, yeah, there were a lot of issues with the bottom of this desk. I pretty much smeared wood filler over most of the bottom to even it out at little better and not make it so raggity. I was totally not going for perfection here, just better that what is was.

It really is amazing the difference primer alone can make on a piece of furniture!
Kid's desk - sanded down with a coat of primer

I went with the same Glidden Crisp Linen White color I used on the other desk, but this time I painted the inside of the drawers this gorgeous Rich Navy, also by Glidden.
Refinished Kid's Desk - White and Navy

Refinished Kid's Desk - White with Navy Drawers

Refinished Kid's Desk -Kid's study space

Study Space in Kid's Room - Refinished White and Navy Desk

That is two desks down and one to go. Of course the last one is mine, and of course it is going to take me forever to get it done, but it will get done, eventually.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Month In Review - August

Here we are again, another month has passed. The kids are back in school, one of these days very soon, the weather will start cooling down, and since it is now September, I have started to pull all the fall decor out of the basement. Before we get to all the exciting stuff that is coming up in September, lets take a look back at the fun we had in August!

There was a colorful little surprise in this vintage desk makeover.
Vintage Kids Desk Makeover - White with Green Drawers

Along with the fun "new" desk, my youngest son got a bright and fun room makeover.
Boy's bedroom with spring green accent wall - after

The new school year has started and I shared some back to school organizing tips that help us stay on track.
6 tips for back to school organizing

Part of our back to school organizing was turning wooden crates into personalized shoe organizers in our entryway closet.
Wooden Crate Shoe Organization - Entry Closet Organizing

I celebrated my birthday by sharing 33 facts about me.

The boys greeted their new teachers with simple back to school teacher gifts this year.
Back to School Teacher Gift Basket - Paper and Pens

Stay tuned in September for more fun projects and fall decorating!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back To School Teacher Gift

Back to School Teacher Gift Basket - Paper and Pens

By now, I think almost everyone's kids are back in school. We made sure that kids' had all the supplies they needed for the new school year, but what about the teachers? Knowing they spend their money on class supplies, I wanted to give them a little something they could use in the classroom, that was for them.

As usual, the Target Dollar Spot had new notepads and paper that I could not ignore. And, thanks to stockpiling school supplies when they went on clearance last year, I had a good supply of pens too. I put everything all together in a plastic basket, and wrapped the pens with fun washi tape to keep them from looking messy.

Back to School Teacher Gift Basket with Notepads and Pens

Back to School Teacher Gift Basket with Notepads and Pens

I made a cute little tag that I glued to cardstock and had the boys sign, then I attached it with baker's twine, conveniently in school colors.  

Fresh Paper & Pens As A New School Year Begins - Teacher Gift Basket

 All bundled up and ready for delivery!
Back to School Teacher Gift Basket - Paper and Pens

Did you make Back to School gifts for any teachers this year? What did you give out?